The Y2K+6 Ride, S.O.U.P.C.A.N.:
(Semi-Organized Ultimate Pacific Coast Annual Navigation)
Pictures, Trip Reports, Photo Links, etc.


The riders:

From left to right:
Leland Sheppard, David Zagorodney?, Dave Misunas (behind), Tom Humphrey (kneeling), Bruce Pickett (behind), Mike Kanitsch, Bob Walton, Dean Williams (behind), Paul Jacobsen, John Treiber (behind), Pat Treiber, Jason Scarborough (behind), Fish Mosser?, Rick Corwine, Roy Coss (behind) and Kel Williams.

and their steeds -

Pacific Coasts on the Pacific Coast at McKerricher Park near Fort Bragg, California

- plus a few "oddball" vehicles parked nearby...

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