The Y2K+3 Ride, Coastin' on the Pacific Coast:
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The riders:
(front row, kneeling, Kel Williams and a Golden Retriever that really wanted to ride with us)
(second row, left to right: Leland Sheppard, Rick Corwine, Brian Soloway, Ralph McComb, George Hilsinger, Juan Goula, Harry Mitchell)
(third row, left to right: Sam Arquilla, David Sigsbee, Kevin Quosig)
(fourth row, left to right: Peter Noeth, Paul Elliot)
(fifth row, left to right: Tom Humphrey, Dean Williams, Lou Severson, Don Leitman, Rennie Glover, Roy Coss)
(sixth row: Revill Dunn)

and their steeds -
Pacific Coasts on the Pacific Coast

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