The Y2K+1 Ride, A Pacific Coast Odyssey:
Pictures, Trip Reports, Photo Links, etc.


Spaces reserved for three friends that couldn't make the ride.
Two of them were expected not to be there.
Tragically, one of them was expected to be there but did not make it:
In memory of Christoffer Carstanjen, United Flight 175, World Trade Center South Tower, September 11, 2001.

The Riders:

From left to right:
Jean-Guy Laferriere, Liz ? (Jean-Guy's SO), Emile Nossin, Patricia van der Linden, Naomi Metcalf, Ken Howze, Rick Corwine, Juan Goula, Revill Dunn, Brett Takemoto, ?? and ??, Dennis Rogers, ??, Roy Cope, Bruce Pickett, Julia and Roy Coss, Brian Soloway, Peter Noeth, Sheila and Mike Kanitsch, Kevin Quosig, Diane ? (Kevin's SO), Sandy and Gil Pitt?, Tom Humphrey, Charles Cervantes

Their Steeds:

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