Suggestions to Make Your Planning and the Ride Easier for Everyone

Before the ride:

#1. If you print items off the web site too soon you will miss late changes.  The site will probably change regularly until about a month before the ride.  If you print early, be sure to print again as late as a few days before the ride.

#2. Check the web site regularly, especially the bulletins, suggestions and the itinerary.  Except for signups, that is where most of the changes will occur.

During the ride:

#1. Fill your tank each night so you and the others won't have to wait in the morning. For those days where an enroute fillup is required, you will find gas along the way every 20 or 30 miles or less.

#2. Plan to take side trips AFTER you reach your destination wherever possible.  That will keep you from getting caught in rush hour traffic in the urban areas we go through.

#3. Ride your own pace.  Don't worry about keeping up with the group.  The ride has been structured so that everyone, even riders with little experience, will have time to get to the destination without hurrying.  This is particularly important because of the narrow winding roads; take your time!

#4. If you need to stop for nourishment or to rest, do so.  Nothing has been prearranged for breakfast or lunch but that should not stop you from getting either or both if you need them (lunch stops we have made in the past are listed in the itinerary).  Again, don't worry about keeping up with the group.  Also, there will undoubtedly be others of a like mind that will end up joining you.

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