Ride Rules of the Road (or lack of same):

- #1. Everyone will pretty much be on their own.   This ride is completely unregimented.  Have fun and be safe.   (If you want to form groups to ride together, feel free.  If you want me to post a list of such groupings on this web site, let me know (Leland Sheppard).)

- #2. The departure times for each day are listed in the itinerary. The guesstimated arrival times are also listed.

- #3. The roads are mostly narrow, winding and with many blind corners.  We will be competing for space with bicyclists, motorhomes, etc.  We may encounter fog so visibility may be impaired from time to time.  Please be watchful, careful and courteous.

- #4. Be sure to allow plenty of room between you and the rider in front of you.  If the rider in front of you should have a problem you want to be sure you have allowed yourself enough space to react appropriately.

- #5. There are slow riders and fast riders among us:

   Slow riders: please yield and let the faster riders past you as quickly and safely as possible.

   Fast riders: please be patient and allow the slower riders time to yield safely.

   All riders: please be as courteous and as thoughtful as possible to everyone.

- #6. Please exercise a lot of that uncommon commodity: common sense.

- #7. Enjoy yourselves.

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