Above clothing and more is available through Rich Fenwick.  Click on this link to connect to his site:  http://pc_800.tripod.com/clothing.html
The following pictures show the cap and sweatshirt, front and back, that I ordered a couple of years ago:  (Not all of these options may be available any more.  Contact Rich directly for questions; an email link is included on his site.)

Sweatshirt back with large PC emblem and letters of the ride name

Sweatshirt front with small PC emblem and ride letters

Cap front with PC emblem

Cap rear with ride letters


Horizontal format plaque - personalized


Vertical format - personalized

Above plaques are available from Arnold's Awards.  Please email the vendor directly at arnolds@innercite.com regarding orders.  Reference  wave glass plaque, 174498 7/99, horizontal or vertical format and whether or not you want the plaque personalized with your name.  Please make all your arrangements with them.

The horizontal plaque was $115.00US plus applicable tax (if any) and shipping.
The vertical plaque was $75.00US plus applicable tax (if any) and shipping.
Please contact the vendor for current pricing.

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