Ride Bulletins:

- #1. People must make their own reservations for motels and campgrounds.  We suggest you do it two or three months prior to the ride, or sooner, to insure that accomodations are available.  Links to each city we will be stopping in along the way and to a list of accomodations available in those cities can be found on the Itinerary page.

- #2.  We will have get-together dinners every night of the ride and one luncheon; see the dinner signup sheet on this web site for details - please signup so we can tell the restaurants what to expect.

- #3.  We will try to get a group photograph of as many of the riders and their bikes as possible in the Bayshore Mall parking lot in Eureka on Monday morning before we start out.  Please try to be there about 8:30AM.

- #4.  We will get another group photograph on Wednesday.  We will get a picture of the bikes at Pescadero and of the riders at Jim Geary's (Cowboy Bar & Grill) restaurant.  We will go straight from Pacifica south to the SECOND Pescadero Beach parking lot (it's hard packed gravel) five miles south of the junction of CA84 and CA1.  Approximate time will be 11:00AM. We will backtrack to CA84, take CA84 to CA35, CA35 to CA9 and CA9 to Felton for lunch at Jim's (approximately 12:00PM), and then continue down CA9 to Santa Cruz and then south on CA1 to Monterey where we stop for the night.

- #5.

- #6.

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